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My First Post; it's about recovery

I want to begin my blog on this topic because I want this to be a place where I am, above all, honest. Producing sincere and candid content requires nothing less than the truth. So, what better way to begin my entries than with a concept that’s been on my mind for the last year…

The word “recovery,” in my experience, is not usually used lightly. Serious circumstances are often associated with the term, and rightfully so. Yet, I believe the word has a broader meaning than what most may think; I believe recovery is the process of gaining what was lost or never possessed, and finding an overall healthier state of being through it. This definition would suggest that recovery occurs quite often. Sleeping to gain back energy in order to attend work the next day, wouldn’t that fit? How about taking a walk after socializing to calm anxiety? Speaking to a therapist to help navigate fears in life? From my definition, all of these are practices in recovery, and, more importantly, all of these are valid. It must be said that every process is as unique as the individual undergoing it, and some situations are more dire than others. However, the point of the act is not to place oneself on a scale weighed against others, and determine exactly who has it worse or better. The point of recovering is to improve yourself. I believe anyone who has ever recovered would agree that life is simply too varied to spend time invalidating others or ourselves. At the end of the day, a word is just a word. “Recovery,” is just a word, and so I do not mean to influence anyone to start using it in every other sentence throughout their day. Rather, my objective is for others to acknowledge what the word represents, recognize what it means for themselves, and act on it. Just as I aim to care for myself, I advocate for others to check on their own health (of the body, mind, or spirit), and take time for some self-love and recovery until they feel replenished.

I hope this post was insightful, and I especially hope that anyone questioning their state of being feels validated to seek the help or rest they need. We all deserve it.



P.S. My song recommendation for this post is "Only the Poets" by Marc E. Bassy, which can be found on my Spotify playlist!

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